Wooden sketch boards.

Wooden artist Sketch Boards and Technical Drawing Boards.


These lightweight, sturdy wooden drawing boards are perfect for the budding artist or technical designer. The boards are offered in two designs. 

Tech Boards - The drawing board has slightly rounded edges and nearly square corners (see listing for details) which ensure that they are comfortable and easy to hold / grip. 

Artist Sketch Board - The drawing board has fully rounded corners & edges which give a smoother feel in the hand. The board is great for painting, sketching, drawings and even watercolour stretching. 

Ideal as a flat, smooth surface for illustrators, painters, designers and those who love to paint and draw outdoors. The board will not warp when used for painting or stretching watercolour paper. These are of a much higher quality then the cheap (but still seemingly expensive) MDF type that you see for sale. They will last for years to come, remember, if you buy cheap then you tend to end up buying twice! 

Care Instructions - 

We want you to be able to enjoy using your board for a long time so please take note of these instructions below..

  • If you plan to use your board for watercolour stretching, we would advise that you add a finish onto your board such as a wax or varnish. Either Polyurethane or Acrylic (usually found in spray cans) should work just fine. This will help to keep the board sealed and stop any issues arising from wetting the board too much. 

  • Sealing the board as above will also make it easier to remove tape from the surface.

  • Over time the smooth finish may degrade however the board is made from real wood so all you need to do is lightly sand it down with some 320 grit paper to bring it back to its former glory. 

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