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Complete Plywood Canoe kits
Selway Fisher Designs.

Looking for the perfect DIY wooden canoe kit that guarantees ease of assembly? Look no further than our Marine grade plywood kits, precision-cut to size and designed using original files from Selway Fisher. Our wooden canoe kits are designed to make the building process easy and enjoyable, with every component cut to the exact size for perfect fit and optimal performance. 

Looking for a way to enjoy the open water and escape the stresses of everyday life? Our DIY wooden canoe kits are the perfect solution for anyone looking to build their own vessel. Whether you're a passionate fisherman or simply seeking the satisfaction of paddling in a canoe you've crafted yourself, our kits have everything you need to get started.

Our kits are designed by renowned naval architect, Paul Selway, and licensed to ensure that you're using the highest quality materials and designs available. With years of experience in boat design, Paul has created a vast selection of designs for enthusiasts of all skill levels.

Building a canoe from scratch with one of our kits is an incredibly enjoyable woodworking project that will leave you with a stunning and functional vessel. Check out some of the incredible designs on our website to see for yourself the satisfaction that comes from paddling in a canoe you've built.

While building a canoe from scratch does require some effort and commitment, our kits are designed to be achievable for anyone with basic woodworking skills. Don't settle for an ordinary off-the-shelf canoe - create your own with our DIY wooden canoe kits and experience the joy of building something truly unique. Order your kit today and take the first step towards building your dream canoe.

Talk to me about the details...


Well, Ill try and explain as best as I can... 

  • Looking to build your own wooden canoe but not sure where to start? At our shop, we offer fully cut Marine grade plywood kits to make the process easy and hassle-free. While you can purchase the plans and booklet from Selway-Fisher, sourcing and cutting the panels can be a challenging and time-consuming task.

  • We price our kits based on the number of plywood sheets required, ensuring that you only pay for what you need. To determine the number of sheets required, simply refer to the "Plywood Requirements" section in the "Particulars" of Paul's designs. Don't let the preparation hold you back from building your dream canoe. Order your kit today and get started on your DIY project!

  • When it comes to building your own canoe, choosing the right type and thickness of plywood is crucial. That's why we use only the highest-quality materials in our DIY wooden canoe kits. Our Marine grade Performance Plywood is rigorously tested and fully certified by FSC milling operations, so you can be sure that no illegal timber is used in the construction of your canoe.

  • The plywood we use in our kits has a thickness of 5.5mm, which strikes the perfect balance between weight, flexibility, and rigidity. However, if you prefer a thinner option, we can also source Marine plywood in a thickness of 3.6mm. Please note that by using the 5.5mm plywood, your canoe may be slightly heavier than the suggested weight in the "particulars" section of the design.

  • We understand that shipping plywood parts that are nearly 8' long can be costly, so all of our kits are cut to order and include shipping in the price. If you prefer, you can also pick up the parts directly from us and we'll refund the shipping cost at the time of pickup. Trust us to provide the highest-quality materials and convenient options for your DIY canoe project.

Ok great, lets get moving...

We offer a Plywood Kit to help you get started, but please note that you'll also need to purchase the plans from Paul. Don't worry though, Paul also sells a "Plywood Canoe Construction Manual" which is a helpful resource throughout the building process.

To assist you in selecting which canoe to build, we have provided links to relevant pages on the Selway Fisher website.

Which canoe should I build?

Plywood Construction Manual

Open Canoes Up to 15'

Open Canoes Up to 17'

Open Canoes over 17'



Once you've chosen a design, the manual outlines the other necessary items you'll need to purchase, such as epoxy resin, fibreglass tape, wood for the gunnels and seats, and paint or varnish for the finish. Keep in mind that you can customize the cost of these parts based on your budget.

In addition to the plywood kit, we can provide you with a piece of plywood that can be used for the decks and seats. These will be oversized so that you can make them fit your canoe as you build it. Please note that each canoe is unique and requires certain items to be cut to fit.

As experts in joinery and carpentry, we have built many canoes and are always here to help if you have any questions or issues during the building process.

Don't forget, we have built a number of these and we run a full on joinery/carpentry business so we are always here to help if you have an issue! 

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