Laser Cutting & Engraving

A bespoke laser cutting and engraving service which is second to none.

Laser Cutting

Here at The Natural Workshop, we have a custom built, professional grade Laser Engraving / Cutting machine in our workshop. This enables us to create bespoke, high end products. Our Laser Engraving/Cutting machine has cutting area of 1200 x 900mm, and we can cut up to 12mm Birch plywood and 25mm thick acrylic.

The machine is charged on a per minute basis and can cut from a large selection of files, we do prefer .svg (Vector) or .dxf (CAD) files if at all possible. 

The machine is a dual head unit and uses a 100w and 150w RECI tube.

Materials we can cut  - 

Birch Plywood

Poplar Plywood





Paper & Card

Laser Engraving

We have the ability to engrave on various materials and give an unbelievable finish! When you match this with the cutting ability of the machine it means we can excel in gifts and corporate merchandise. Have a look at the pictures to the right to see an example of what we can do!

Materials we engrave -







Anodised Aluminium

Please contact me for a current lead time on projects.

If there is something that you have seen which has been laser cut or engraved and would like us to try and make for you then please don’t hesitate to contact me.

If you already have something designed and you would like it cutting we charge on a per minute basis plus materials cost. If you have the design in a .crl / .dxf / .svg format would be extremely helpful.  If not, drop us a message and we can look into it for you. 

An example of the work we have completed using our Laser machine

Weddings, Signs, Coasters, Card racks, drill bit holders, key ring tags...the list is litereally endless.

You can see examples of the work that we have used our laser machine for. This may be something as simple as creating a set of key tags or a personalised Christmas bauble for a client all the way to the more complicated, wedding favours, bespoke Post boxes, engraved sketch boards and drill bit holders. We are willing to try and turn our hand to anything. We also specialise in creating bespoke, wooden card racks for high end card companies. 

Please don't hesitate to contact me if you have an idea and would like to know if we could bring it into reality for you. We would love to hear from you!

01354 278050 / 07572 539028

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