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Laser, Birch and Poplar Plywood

Discover the high-quality Poplar, Birch, and Laser Plywood at The Natural Workshop. Our AB and BB grade Poplar and B/BB grade Laser or Birch Plywood are perfect for your important projects where a premium finish is required. Our Birch/Laser Ply has an internal type glue that guarantees an exceptional finish when laser cut.

We provide a bespoke cut-to-size service on all sheet goods, including MDF, to ensure that you get the exact size you need for your laser cutter. Our workshop features a professional-grade 1300 x 900 HSG Laser cutting & engraving machine, so you can trust that you're getting the same top-quality timber that we use in our own projects and designs.

We pride ourselves on quality control and quick delivery, dispatching orders the same day as purchase, after ensuring that everything meets our high standards.


Choose The Natural Workshop for all your Poplar, Birch, and Laser Plywood needs.


** Birch Plywood **

Due to the ongoing war in Ukraine, sourcing birch plywood has become a significant challenge for many businesses. Birch plywood is considered a conflict timber in the European Union, and as such, it is illegal to import. The conflict has made it difficult to ensure that the birch plywood comes from a legal source, which has resulted in the EU banning its import. As a result, businesses like ours are unable to source birch plywood, which has had a significant impact on our operations. We are committed to sourcing our products ethically and responsibly, and we will continue to explore alternative options until the conflict is resolved.

Poplar Plywood 

Poplar Plywood - We stock this in 3, 6, 9 and 12mm. However we can source it in full sheets up to 25mm thick so please let me know if you need something that you dont see displayed and we can look into getting you a quote.

3mm Poplar / Lite Plywood AB/AB Grade

We don’t have any products to show here right now.

6mm Poplar / Lite Plywood AB/AB Grade

9mm Poplar / Lite Plywood AB/BB Grade

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