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Re-enactors wooden plywood shields

We handcraft both flat and curved plywood shields to an exceptional standard. Ideal for LARP, LARPing, Cosplay, HEMI, SCA, theatre, reenactors and re-enactment days. In fact, we even refurbished some of these shields for Captain American Cosplay!

Wondering how we got started making these shields? A client approached us four years ago with a request for a curved shield. We built a press to make it happen, and now we're proud to offer our premium-quality shields to you.

Our 12mm-thick curved shields are made from marine-grade plywood. We use a combination of gluing, laminating and cold pressing to ensure each shield retains its shape, even when holding up to 100kgs of weight. Our meticulous hand finishing ensures that every shield is of the highest quality, so you can trust it to last for years to come.


Flat Wooden Plywood Shields

Curved Wooden Plywood shields

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