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Selway Fisher - Plywood Canoe Kit - 3 Sheets 5.5mm

Selway Fisher - Plywood Canoe Kit - 3 Sheets 5.5mm

A plywood canoe kit consisting of 3 sheets of machined Marine-grade plywood. 


All the panels will be machined as per Selway-Fishers original designs and as such should fit together with minimal adjustment. 


The panels will not have pre-drilled holes for the stitching however this is something we can do for you at a small cost. 


We aim to have the kit machined and dispatched within 7-10 working days. This may not always be possible however we would always keep you updated with any delays. If we can have it out sooner we will, it just depends on how booked up the machine and us are. 

***If you like the look of one of the other designs (canoe, kayak, dinghy, small cruiser etc) that are on SelwayFisher then please dont hesitate to contact me for a bespoke quote.***

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