Technical Draughtsman Wooden Drawing Board - 9mm thick

Professional, Technical type drawing board. Perfect for that artist or graphic designer in your family or circle of friends. They will love this as a present!


These are lightweight, sturdy drawing boards. The drawing board has slightly rounded edges and nearly square corners (see pictures for details) which ensure that they are comfortable and easy to hold / grip. 

Ideal as a flat, smooth surface for illustrators, painters, designers and those who love to paint and draw outdoors, We sell a number of these for those attending Art courses and to colleges / schools.

The board will not warp when used for painting or stretching watercolour paper. These are of a much higher quality then the cheap (but still seemingly expensive) MDF type that you see for sale. They will last for years to come, remember, if you buy cheap then you tend to end up buying twice! 

The sizes are A2 / A3 / A4 / A5 or we can supply the boards with approximately 1" extra on each edge, this is to allow you to be able to stretch a standard size piece of paper on the board and allows you to have space to stick it down with masking tape.

We are able to carry out custom engraving work on the boards as well, please contact us for a price. 

Thickness - 9mm
Size - A2 / A3 / A4 / A5 // A3 + 1" / A4 + 1" / A5 + 1"
Product Origin - European Birch Plywood
Grade - B/BB (Stamps/Knots are possible on BB side however these will be sanded smooth. We will only allow stamps on one side of the board)
Responsibly Sourced - FSC Certified

The sharp edges are rounded over and the corners have the point taken off. The boards are also finished with 320 grit sandpaper to give a smooth finish. These boards are the perfect gift for the budding art student or the seasoned draughtsman. If you are still unsure, please have a look at the reviews or drop us a message.

Please be aware all sizes are approximate +/- 5mm. We hand finish the boards so these tolerances allow us to ensure you get the best quality board possible.


  • Details

    Beautifully finished Artist Sketch Board

    Lightweight, sturdy drawing boards

    Solid ply wood with a smooth finish

    A2 A3 A4 A5 A2+1 A3+1 A4+1 A5+1

    Perfect for the art student or seasoned artist




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