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Hardwood Face - WAXED Watercolour Stretching Drawing Illustrator Sketching Board

Hardwood Face - WAXED Watercolour Stretching Drawing Illustrator Sketching Board

The Natural Workshop - Prefinished, Waxed Water Colour Stretching Board

Marine-grade timber - Perfect for professional artists and hobby painters alike.


We have taken the hassle out of finishing your watercolour stretching board for you by pre-finishing it right here in our workshop. We use two coats of furniture wax to ensure that the board is waterproof and water will just run right off of it.

These are lightweight, sturdy drawing boards and so are perfect for taking with you on those days when you know you want to paint or draw, but you’re not quite sure what is going to get the creative juices flowing.


The drawing board has rounded corners & edges which ensure that they are comfortable and easy to hold/grip while you are on your travels. It also doesn’t have anything which sticks out making it perfect for packing in your bag and taking on those weekend breaks.


Ideal as a flat, smooth surface for illustrators, painters, designers and those who love to paint and draw outdoors, these are perfect for those attending Art courses, colleges or schools. We doubt very much that you will find a better alternative.


These are of a much higher quality than the cheap (but still seemingly expensive) MDF type that you see for sale. They will last for years to come, remember, if you buy cheap then you tend to end up buying twice!


The sizes are A2 / A3 / A4 / A5 or we supply the boards with approximately 1" extra on each edge, this allows you to stretch a standard-size piece of paper and gives you space to attach clips or tape to hold it.

The wax will eventually come off, please use a furniture paste wax to rejuvenate the board.

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