18mm Baltic Birch Plywood Artist Painting Boards Blocks Squares 5 Pack

High quality Baltic birch Plywood painting blocks. Perfect for the descerning artist who is after a new medium to paint on. Baltic Birch Plywood is widely used in the art community due to its dense structure and fine grain. Baltic Birch uses layers of solid veneers for the core plys which ensures a void free finish.

This means that you end up with a beautiful end grain on the block. These block are especially excellent for use with oil and acrylic paints. 

These blocks are 100mm x 100mm, this is approximately 4" x 4" in old money and there are 5 blocks in each pack. Each block is sanded to a smooth finish using 320 grit sand paper. 

All of our Birch Plywood is responsibly sourced from an FSC/PEFC company based in the United Kingdom. You can rest assured that by purchasing from us, you are supporting a British Family run business and we always endeavour to provide the best product possible.


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