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Artist Technical Drawing Painting 9mm Thick MDF board with rubber bands.

Artist Technical Drawing Painting 9mm Thick MDF board with rubber bands.

Technical wooden artist drawing board. Comes with heavy duty rubber bands for hold downs.


Are you looking for a quality board but want something that’s better than the other options on the market? Would you like one which has been made by people who understand your needs as an artist or designer? If that’s the case, then you need to check these boards out…!


The high quality MDF board gives a super smooth surface which shouldn’t warp or twist and won’t show through when using them for sketching with pencils. The MDF is 9mm thick which means that it has a nice weight to it and will ensure you have a solid surface to work on.


Each board comes with 2 heavy duty rubber bands to use as paper hold downs. This also means you don’t need to carry tape around to tape the paper to the boards.


There is a cut out handle which makes it big enough to hold on to, even those of us blessed with hands like shovels. We have also taken the edge off just slightly so it’s not so sharp that you can cut yourself on


You can buy each size separately or buy both together which will give you a saving of over 12.5% on the individual cost


Weight – A3 – 550g

Weight – A4 – 900g


We work extremely hard to bring you the best options, if you have an idea for a product then please don’t hesitate to contact us and we can look into it and if you have a problem with something that we have provided, just let us know and we will sort it out. We are a UK based small business and want to give you the best experience possible.

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