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Engraving Service - Sketchboards

Engraving Service - Sketchboards

Bespoke engraving service for our Watercolour / Tech sketching boards. 


Please read the below to understand how the engraving works. If you would like to chat or are unsure then please drop us a phone call and we can talk you through the process. 


We will engrave a simple design, quote or name in a box. The box will not be visible, this is just as a reference for us to work within. The sizes of the boxes are as follows... 


Small - 50 x 50mm (See "Jess Bath" picture)

Medium - 75 x 75mm (See "Dani J Fraser" picture)

Large - 150mm x 75mm (Perfect if you would like a quote as per the Vincent Van Gogh picture)


For example,  the name like "Jess Bath" (see pictures) was engraved 75mm wide and 15mm high so that it looks in proportion. 


***Please note, if you will be using the board for watercolour stretching or intend on getting it wet then please ensure that you treat it with a wax or varnish before wetting the board. This will ensure that the grain doesnt raise and that the board surface isnt damaged***

  • Details

    Beautifully finished Artist Sketch Board

    Lightweight, sturdy drawing boards

    Solid ply wood with a smooth finish

    A2 A3 A4 A5 A2+1 A3+1 A4+1 A5+1

    Perfect for the art student or seasoned artist



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