Custom build Jewelers Bench

A custom, hand built Jewelers table. Made from quality materials at an affordable price.
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    This is a high quality, custom built Jewelers bench which is hand made in the UK. All timber is responsibly sourced from FSC or PEFC sources. I have an excellent working relationship with my timber supplier which is why I can promise that the timber is from well stocked and sustainable sources. The bench pictured is 90cm (H) x 75cm (L) x 50cm (D) The legs are made from 50mm square planed pine. Surrounds are provided around the bench top, these are made 5mm thick Birch Plywood The top is 25mm (1") thick Birch Plywood, this means it will not bow, sag or easily dent. Four plastic dipped hooks are fitted to the under side of the bench to attach your leather catch cloth. Four more plastic dipped hooks are attached on the right hand side of the bench so you can attach your tools or polishing cloths. A small, detachable tool caddy is supplied. The caddy give you the ability to store your tools close to hand without loosing a large proportion of your bench top space. A shelf is provided which fits in between the legs. This adds storage space while working however can be easily removed once fitted if you need the extra space for your legs to get comfy while you are working. These benches are made to order, the price given above is for a bench built to approximately the same size. If you would like a custom sized bench then please don't hesitate to contact me and I will get back to you within 48 hours with a personalised quote. These benches are hand made to your specifications, that means if you would like it taller, smaller, thinner etc then just ask. One of the best things about my job are the emails I get from customers who thought they would have to settle with second best however you can get exactly what you need from me. The bench will arrive partly assembled, all you need to do is put the legs into place, screw in a few screws and you are there. No major work to be done, 15 minutes and you can be up and running, you don't even need a drill

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