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The Diamond - Bird / Nesting box- Multi species - Handmade from FSC Birch

The Diamond - Bird / Nesting box- Multi species - Handmade from FSC Birch

These bird boxes are handmade in our rural, Cambridgeshire workshop and built from the finest FSC certified, exterior grade Birch Ply. Once made, each box is finished with a couple coats of Danish oil to ensure that they are waterproof for all weathers. This finish is food safe once cured which ensures that if any birds do peck the box, they wont ingest anything which could harm them. 


With what seems the constant removal of hedges, bushes and trees there is a shortage of natural nesting sites in the Uk. This is thought to be one of the contributing factors behind the decline of some of our common birds. By putting up nest boxes like these you are providing an area where birds can safely lay their eggs and raise their young out of the way of predators.


Placement - 


Avoid obvious sun traps, such as south-facing walls, and ideally place the box so that the entrance hole is facing north-east. Fix the bird box at approximately 1.8m (6") high. 


The Diamond is one of out smaller nesting boxes but its still suitable for a wide range of birds.  Here is a list and by the way, if you see a different species nesting in them then please let us know so we can update our listing!


Blue Tits

Coal Tits

Great Tits

Crested Tits

Marsh Tits

Willow Tits



Height (Including back board) - 180mm (7")

Width of nesting box - 180mm (7")

Width including roof over hang - 230mm (9")

Depth (at widest point) - 140mm (5 1/2")

  • Size -

    Height - 180mm (7")

    Width of nesting box - 180mm (7")

    Width including roof overhang - 230mm (9")

    Depth - 140mm (5 1/2")

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