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Lotus Flower - Wooden Mandala Wall Art - 18" X 18" / 450mm x 450mm

Lotus Flower - Wooden Mandala Wall Art - 18" X 18" / 450mm x 450mm

Lotus Flower - Wooden Mandala Wall Art. 


Handcrafted in the UK, this beautiful lotus flower mandala will provide the finishing touch to your home décor and really set you apart from your friends.We love how the different layers catch the sun which add shadow and depth to the orignal design. ⁣


The mandala has been cut from the highest quality poplar available. The layers are assembled by hand and fixed together using glue. Once everything has dried, and we are happy with the final result, we will then apply a hard wearing, UV stable, matt clear finish. 


We ensure that there are no brown 'flash' marks on the final product, something which is apparent on the cheaper ones you may find on Etsy from the EU. Also, as this is a UK product, there are no import duty/taxes or fees once it enters the country. 


Only when we have checked the mandala and would be happy to have this in our own house, would we then ship it directly to you.  


Due to the nature of how the layers are cut, the edge of each cut will be a dark brown. When you purchase the "Natural" finish you can see how the mandala 'pops' because of this darker edge. 


We offer two types of Mandala. One uses 3mm Timber and the other uses 6mm Timber. There are 8 layers which allow for a finished thickness of approximately 25mm or 50mm once glued. 

We are currently able to provide this in a stained finish as well as the more natural timber look.


These stains are Walnut, Light oak and Dark oak. We have a small colour chart in the pictures so please view this and let us know which colour you would like. 


All of our items are manufactured right here in the UK, in rural Cambridgeshire. We are a small family run business who understand the need to buy and source our products locally. Although the plywood comes from overseas, the timber that we use carries FSC/PEFC certification and is procured from a reputable supplier a couple hours drive from our workshop.


Our supplier has full chain of custody information so you can rest assured that products are sourced from sustainable and well-managed forests which meet the UK Timber Procurement Policy.


We are able to make these in different sizes and designs. If you see a design on that you would like to see if we could make for you, then please don't hesitate to contact me. 

Please note...


Standard delivery is via 48 hour tracked service. RM48

Upgraded delivery is via 24 hour tracked service. RM24

Finish will be a clear, matt acrylic varnish. This will be applied to both sides of the product. 

Some colours may appear different depending on the type of screen used to view them or the lighting used.

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