Geometric / Polygon Wall Art - Hare

Geometric / Polygon Wall Art - Hare

Geometric / Polygon Wall Art - Hare


Were you ever confused by the film Donny Darko? I was and this reminds me of the rabbit/hare in the movie. Weird movie for sure, go check it out...but make sure you pick one of these up first!


We aim to produce a product that is not only high in quality, but something that is different from the norm. We think that we have achieved this with this product line and encourage you to have a look and make a purchase. 


These are handcrafted in our rural Cambridgeshire workshop in Fenland. We precision cut both the backing and stag using our large format laser machine and think that these would add that finishing touch in your mancave or study. 


The backing board has been finished with a Dark Walnut stain and then we use a burnt orange, often referred to as hunters orange, for the stag.


Sizes - 


Small - 295mm (W) x 402mm (H) 

Medium - 395mm (W) x 538mm (H) 

Large - 520mm (W) x 709mm (H)


- We are able to produce any of the designs up to and including 1200mm x 900mm. If you would like a bespoke version then please don't hesitate to contact us using the contact form and we will get back to you within 24 hours.  

- We currently have free shipping in the UK with a small additional cost for shipping