Pottery Throwing Batts

We offer Pottery throwing batts in a variety of sizes, with pin holes and without and in a selection of materials.


MR MDF (Moisture Resistant), Premium (Exterior grade) MDF, Birch Plywood and Marine Grade Plywood. 

Our batts are set up for 10mm holes with a 10" or 254mm centre spacing, these should work well with the Shimpo type wheel heads. If you have another spacing or pin size that you would like us to manufacture then please just send us an email and we can look into that for you. 

We are a small family run business who specialise in timber work and as such we feel that we are able to use our expertise to provide you with a high quality product. No, we are not the cheapest, we do not want to be. We want to provide quality and we are happy to lose out on a few sales if it means we can be proud of the product we produce. We do not believe in a throw away society and so make to a higher standard than most. 

All of the timber that we use is either PEFC or FSC. We have an excellent working relationship with our suppliers to ensure that we can provide the same level of trust to you, that we have with them.

Pottery Workshop

*Please note, it is become extremely difficult to obtain what is generally regarded as "Marine ply" whilst still ensuring that it has not come from illegal logging. We use a hardwood plywood which has passed the specification to be used in a marine environment, its basically the same but we know the supply chain and can ensure that it has come from well managed forests.

Wooden Pottery Batts

Economy (MR) MDF, Premium (Exterior) MDF, Birch Plywood, Marine Grade Plywood