Re-enactors wooden plywood shields

We manufacture both flat and curved Plywood shields. These are extremely high quality as we hand finish each shield. Perfect for LARP, LARPing, Cosplay, theatre, reenactors and reenactment days. We have even refinished some of these for Captain American Cosplay.

What made us start making shields you might ask? Four years ago a client came to us and asked if we could make them a curved shield, we went away, built a press and voila, we now make shields!

Our curved shields are 12mm thick and made using Birch plywood. We glue, laminate and cold press the plywood. It is then held in the press for 24 hours to ensure it keeps its shape. As a measure of how strong these shields are, we have placed 100kgs on the curved shields and they only flex slightly so they really are "hardcore".


Flat Wooden Plywood Shields