Laser Plywood Sample Pack

Laser Plywood / Poplar Ply sample pack
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    This is my Laser Plywood / Poplar Ply starter pack. Ideal for those with a small laser cutter who are just starting out or for those more established who are looking for a supplier of quality materials. I often get asked for small sample packs so I thought I would sell one perfect for you to get started with. The plywood uses a special laser cutter compatible glue and I have also included my Poplar Ply which is excellent for applications ranging from craft cut outs to being used for laser cut RC Cars/Planes. Thickness – Various (See Below) Size – Large 300mm(H) x 150mm(W) / Small 140mm x 140mm (Sizes are variable by +/-5mm) Product Origin – European Grade – Various (See Below) Responsibly Sourced – FSC Certified Glue – Interior type Birch Plywood 3mm - B/BB - 2 units 5mm - B/BB - 1 unit 6mm - BB/BB - 1 unit 9mm - BB/BB - 1 unit 12mm - BB/BB - 1 unit Poplar/Lite Ply 6mm - AB/AB - 1 unit 9mm - B/BB - 1 unit
Sample Pack - Laser Plywood

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