Large Curved Wooden Heater Shield Blank - Birch Plywood 520mm x 640mm x 12mm

High quality large Curved Wooden Plywood Heater Shield Blank. Perfect for those re-enactors, reenactment, cosplay, LARP or LARPing. Ever wanted to feel like a medieval knight but couldn't afford a blacksmith to make you a shield? What about that perfect wall hanging for your entrance hall? You might just be in luck with our handmade, curved, wooden heater shield blanks. We have a number of clients who use these to make a realistic shield to finish off their costume.



520mm (H) x 640mm (W) x 12mm (T)







The shields are constructed using 4mm Birch Plywood which is cut down to size, we then give the shield blank the correct curve. This is formed using our specially built press, we apply the glue to each board, line them up and press the timber until the glue has dried. Once the glue has cured we then release the form, cut the shield blank down to size and then sand smooth.






These wooden shield blanks are hand made in our workshop, they are not mass manufactured rubbish from China. We take great pride in our work and would love to work with you if you have a specific design or size you would like us to look at.






Please be aware that these shield blanks are not steel, so please don’t use any weaponry on them, even though they are thick plywood. We cant be held responsible for injuries or missing limbs!





  • Size

    520mm (H) x 640mm (W) x 12mm (T)


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