A4 - 3mm Poplar Plywood / Lite Ply AB/AB laser cutting crafting craft work

A4 in size, 3mm Poplar Plywood or Lite Ply as it is often called. The size is approximately 300mm x 210mm.Perfect for Laser cutting and craft work. Not to be missed. 


This is a high quality Italian Poplar Plywood sheet which is particularly suited to laser cutting. Poplar has a lower density than Birch, meaning that it is not only lighter, has a higher strength to weight ratio but it can also be easily laser cut at lower power settings on your laser. On our laser for example, we can cut poplar at up to 50mm/s compared to the 3mm Birch at 20mm/s.


This Poplar Plywood is graded at AB/AB which is the highest grade possible for poplar plywood. 


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