600mm x 300mm (2' x 1') 3mm Poplar Plywood Sheet AB/AB Grade

600mm x 300mm (2' x 1'), 6mm Poplar Plywood or Lite Ply as it is often called.

This is a high quality Italian Poplar Plywood sheet which is particularly suited to laser cutting. Poplar has a lower density than Birch, meaning that it is not only lighter, has a higher strength to weight ratio but it can also be easily laser cut at lower power settings on your laser.


On our laser for example, we can cut poplar at up to 50mm/s compared to the 3mm Birch at 20mm/s.


This Poplar Plywood is graded at AB which is typically the best grade of Poplar plywood. 

This is a single piece of lite ply.

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    Quality plywood blanks, manufactured from a dense timber species and consistent in colour. All of the plywood sourced by The Natural Workshop has to meet the strict FSC guidelines, if it doesn’t meet the standard then we won’t sell it. This is Poplar Plywood or Lite Ply. Great for use in Pyrography, RC Planes / Cars or on your laser cutter. Thickness - 3mm Product Origin - Italian Poplar Grade - AB/AB Responsibly Sourced - FSC Certified Glue EN - Interior ( Laser Safe ) We are selling here an 600mm x 300mm (2' x 1'), 3mm Poplar Plywood or Lite Ply as it is often called. I also have this in other sizes, if you would like a specific size or custom cut just let me know. I can also cut it on the CNC if you have a file with your specs on it.


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