4mm MDF Clock Blank - Craft Crafting Round Circle Coaster

4mm MDF Clock Blank - Craft Crafting Round Circle Coaster

Perfect for craft, crafting, decoupage, scroll saw work and anything else you decide to do with it. These beautifully finished 4mm MDF clock blanks are laser cut from the finest MDF, and hand finished to remove any flash marks.  We would NOT reccomend these for pyrogrpahy due to the fumes that come from burning the MDF. 


All of the plywood and MDF sourced by The Natural Workshop has to meet the strict FSC or PEFC guidelines, if it doesn’t meet the standard then we won’t sell it. 


Thickness -  4mm
Size – Various Sizes
Product Origin - Medite MDF
Responsibly Sourced - FSC Certified
Glue – Interior type

If you would like specific shapes then please don’t hesitate to ask, I have a full workshop and can make just about anything. I regularly do custom orders for Pyrographers, model makers and craft specialists.

If you have any questions then please don’t hesitate to contact me and I will do my best to answer them. 

Thank you for viewing my items.

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4mm MDF Clock Blank

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