12mm A4 B/BB Grade Laser Birch Plywood - 300mm x 210mm - No Chipout

12mm A4 B/BB Grade Laser Birch Plywood - 300mm x 210mm - No Chipout

If you are looking for high quality Laser Plywood then look no further! 


All of the plywood sourced by The Natural Workshop has to meet the strict FSC or PEFC guidelines, if it doesn't meet the standard then we won't purchase it.

The main use for this is with a laser cutting machine, however you can also use it in Pyrography, Scroll Saw work or small woodworking projects.

Thickness - 12mm 
Size - 300mm x 210mm ( +/- 0.2mm ) / A4 
Product Origin - European Birch Plywood
Grade - B on topside and BB on the underside 
Responsibly Sourced - FSC Certified 




Birch Plywood comes in various grades. This plywood is B/BB Grade. 

Front Face - B Grade

B (Plug Free) - Solid Veneers with no open defects or plug repairs. Suitable for high quality paint/stain or lacquer finish where the end product is open to display.

Rear Face - BB Grade

BB - Please note, this is the standard for BB Grade however we will not send out any boards with a stamp on both faces. Mainly solid face veneers with some small repairs veneer splits and pin knots. Larger open knots are repaired using wooden plugs, these can be oval or butterfly shaped. Some solid light and dark knots are admissible. Suitable for applications where a solid surface is needed but the visual aspects are not so critical.


Please Note - 


Every effort is made to supply flat sheets but unavoidable warping may occur. It may be necessary to tape the wood to the laser bed or to allow enough time for the timber to lay flat and acclimatise to its surroundings. Please ensure you don't allow the plywood to move from a humid environment to a hot dry environment as this will encourage the timber to warp. Birch Plywood is made from natural materials and this is standard across the industry.

We recommend customers try to keep stocks of plywood so the wood has sufficient time to acclimatise to their new environment. Where possible, please store where the temperature/humidity is constant.