Complete Plywood Canoe kits
Selway Fisher Designs.

All of our kits are cut to size using Marine grade plywood and use original files from Selway Fisher to ensure that everything fits together perfectly.

Have you ever had the urge to get out on the water and just paddle away from it all? Are you a keen fisherman who wishes they could have their very own canoe to take out on the river, one perfect for those hard to cast spots? 

This was me, so much so that I decided to build my own, after I built one, I built another and another and then decided to start selling the Plywood kits to the public because I enjoy it so much. If Im being really honest, building canoes is by far the most enjoyable woodwork project I've ever done and so its something I wanted to share with others! 

The kits are fully licensed from Selway-Fisher and if you haven't checked them out yet, I highly recommend that you have a look here to see some of the designs that Paul has created. Paul is a fully qualified Navel Architect and has been designing craft his entire adult life, so you can rest assured that these are beautifully designed and they hold true on the water.

Pauls designs are aimed at boat enthusiasts and are designed in a way that almost anyone could build them. Of course they take work and a bit of commitment but lets be honest, if it was too easy then everyone would be doing it and where would be the fun in that! 

Talk to me about the details...


Well, Ill try and explain as best as I can... 

  • First off, you don't need to buy the kit. You can purchase the plans and booklet etc from Paul and the project is doable, so don't think that you need to buy our kits, however the hardest part in my eyes is actually sourcing, drawing out and then cutting the panels. Think of it like painting, the prep is 80% of the work!

  • We price our kits on a per sheet basis. This seems to be the easiest way for us to keep the flexibility and ease for you to purchase the kit you want. If you look at Pauls designs you will see a "Particulars" section. It should have a heading called "Plywood Requirements" which will show you how many sheets you require. Once you know that you can purchase the kit. 

**Above screengrab taken from https://www.selway-fisher.com/Opcan15.htm#RAVE


  • There are a couple of options in relation to the plywood when building a canoe, namely the type and thickness of the plywood.

  • The plywood we generally use is a type of Marine grade plywood called Performance Ply. Its graded & tested to exacting standards. It also comes from fully certified FSC milling operations so you can be sure that there is no illegal timber used in the plywood for your canoe. 

  • The thickness of plywood that we use in our kits is 5.5mm. In our opinion this gives the best match between weight, flexibility and rigidity. That being said, we are also able to source Marine plywood in a thickness of 3.6mm, if you would like me to get you a price on this then please let me know. **Please note that by using the 5.5mm this may make the canoe heavier than the suggest weight on the "particulars" section.**

  • All kits are cut to order and prices include shipping. As you can imagine, shipping plywood parts which are nearly 8' long can be quite expensive so you are always welcome to pick the parts up direct from us and we will refund you the shipping cost at time of pickup. 

Ok great, lets get moving...

Please remember, we are just selling you the Plywood Kit. You still need to purchase the plans from Paul BUT this isn't such a bad thing as he also sells a "Plywood Canoe Construction Manual" and this will make the process of building the canoe much easier. Even now I still refer back to mine when I need to remind myself of something. 

Here are the links the relevant pages on the Selway Fisher website.

Which canoe should I build?

Plywood Construction Manual

Open Canoes Up to 15'

Open Canoes Up to 17'

Open Canoes over 17'



There are a number of other items that you will need to purchase to complete the canoe.

All of these are detailed in the above manual and range from epoxy resin, fibreglass tape, wood for the gunnels and seats all the way to paint or varnish for the finish. Dont forget, you can make the canoe as expensive or as affordable (within reason) as you want to when it comes to these parts. 


We can provide you with a piece of plywood which can be used for the decks as well as the seats but these will be oversized so that you can make them fit your canoe as you build it. Each canoe is individual and so you have to cut certain items to fit that particular one.  


Don't forget, we have built a number of these and we run a full on joinery/carpentry business so we are always here to help if you have an issue!